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Hi, my name is Greg. I live in New York City, where I've worked as an independent tutor for the last 2 years. I've tutored middle school students, GMAT students in their late 30's, and everyone in between, mostly in math. Prior to that, I was the Math Content Manager for an online test prep company that was focused primarily on the GMAT. There, I created, edited, and explained hundreds of practice questions; I wrote/recorded text and video glossary entries that explained all of the math concepts tested on the GMAT; and I developed the math curriculum as well as the math lessons that we delivered to students in our online classroom. I also was one of our math teachers. I scored a 780 on the GMAT (M:51, V:48).


Through these experiences, I have become extremely familiar with the GMAT, especially with the math section. And I have learned a couple of other things along the way.

  1. There are not enough challenging math questions available to students who hope to score among the top 20% of test takers (650+).
  2. No matter how well I tried to explain a math question in a written paragraph, it could not compare to the experience of explaining it to a student in person, allowing him or her to understand not just what I had done, but also how I approached the question and why I decided to use a specific strategy or approach.
  3. While most students still prefer to take a GMAT class in a standard classroom, more and more students are looking for additional ways to study on their laptops (and tablets), no matter where they are.


I have created GMAT Boost to try to solve these problems in an effective and affordable way. Here, you will find hundreds of original GMAT math questions, each accompanied by a video in which I explain not just what the answer is, but how you should approach the question and why this approach makes sense. You can access these questions anytime from anywhere, for less than the cost of 1 hour of tutoring.

I want GMAT Boost to be as helpful to you as it can be. I will work to ensure that the site is constantly improving -- by adding more questions based on your feedback and by clarifying explanations and adding alternative ones.

If you have any ideas about how I can make GMAT Boost better, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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