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GMAT Boost Practice Questions cover every math topic you'll see on the GMAT. You'll get plenty of practice with both Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. Questions cover all difficulty levels, though there is a strong emphasis on providing difficult questions that challenge even the high-scoring user. By taking on GMAT Boost's many challenging questions, you'll greatly increase your chances of having already seen everything that will be thrown at you on test day. Every question comes with a video explanation that walks through the solution, as well as the reasoning behind the approach.

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A certain pyramid... PSSolid Geometry3 - Medium
During a certain week, in a classroom of 20... DSEvenly Spaced Numbers5 - Hardest
In a certain sequence, the first term... DSSequences5 - Hardest
Is a^2 divisible by 72... DSFactors4 - Harder
Joe runs n full laps around a track... PSRates2 - Easier
On a 9-hole golf course... PSCombinations & Permutations5 - Hardest
Quadrilateral ABCD... DSTriangles4 - Harder
Solve for x: 32*(16^[x - 1]... PSExponents5 - Hardest
Square ABCD is inscribed in a circle... PSCombined Figures4 - Harder
Two different vertices are randomly selected... PSProbability4 - Harder

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